Loralee Jade’s painting practice is centered around her emotional landscape. Leaning into the experiences of her past personal journey Jade uses the processes of painting as a tool to renew her ability to appreciate and respond to complex emotional and aesthetic influences. Jade returns to painful moments, not to recount the traumatic effects, but to feel into them with a renewed heart around which to restructure sensibility.  Jade's latest body of work shows a departure from linen to Habotai silk highlighting the emotional and aesthetic complexities in which she is dealing. The works offer a fluttering dichotomy between vulnerability and gratification reminiscent of the undulating emotional stages one faces when dealing with trauma. The appearance of silk in Jade's practice goes further than its aesthetic qualities, from a small child silk became a source of comfort. Beginning from an off-cut of her mother’s nightgown, Jade routinely pinned a square of silk in her pocket to alleviate her nerves when the world became challenging. Jade's recent return to the material served a similar purpose, these works were created during an ongoing mental health battle. The immediacy of the mark making, akin to staining, required an unwavering presence that acted as a balm for Jades anxieties. With warm washes of orange, pink and ochre set against cooler tones of green, blue and grey, these works commemorate the contradictory truths of being human. 

Works available via Hake House here

Images by Hake House | Sage Hammond 

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