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“Pull to the shore”

$1600.00 AUD

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Oil on linen 

Canvas size 24 x 36”

Shipping within Australia included 

We are seventy percent water, surging and gurgling our bodies are more liquid than bone, more  fluid than fixed. Just as the moon pulls The tides to shore, she calls us too. It’s more of a lullaby than a crashing, the moon and her tides, her pools of salt and water. 

There are places that pull us in, in this way too, the personal pond of our mothers womb and our first earthly homes, whose shores held the weight of our stumbling steps into adulthood, banks sheltered our bodies, currents swept away our tears.

I don’t need to be  standing on the coast of my child sized memories, like her sea shells tenderly sprinkled on sand, to feel her wash over me, blanketing me with the motherly scent of home, eucalyptus and cinnamon on the cool breeze that tightens my skin prompting me to wrap my arms around my body, to hold my own ocean in, her gentle salty whispers reminders of all the things I’d forgotten.

Like how to trust my feelings more than my thoughts, that it’s never too hot or late to eat stewed apples with cinnamon and honey, that there are no containers in this world, no edges that can’t be merged with the addition of water, that giving thanks to all living things is not just our human gift but our duty. 

These memories hit with the soft refreshing thud of cold water on ankles, as the world spills over into me and I spill over into the world, lessons learnt in shimmering patterns of a life reflected on the rhythmic surface of water, projections of a moment in time onto another,  past and  present glimmering and dancing alongside each other as I’m pulled back to shore and called back home  

*framing available upon request 

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* By purchasing a Loralee Jade original painting you are committing to a conscious decision to purchase a one of a kind piece of art. We ask that you take the time to carefully make your decision as art works cannot be returned or exchanged

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